Enterprise-like HR & Payroll solution with SME price tag!


Clock in/out anywhere and anytime, with location tagging


Designed and built to support the business needs of distributors

HR Solution

Comprehensive human resource and payroll solution for the diversified business and operation needs.

Featuring personnel and payroll functions, transact2-HR is thoughtfully designed with flexibility to fulfill most business requirements.


  • Multi companies with complete service record tracking within group of companies
  • Date effective controlled policies
  • Flexible and unlimited payroll run
  • Multiple active employments
  • Extensive data extraction options
  • Payroll in compliant to local statutory regulations
"One login for all companies. Unlimited subsidiaries. Complete with security and data access control."
"Interactive drill down chart with option to export to csv & pdf. Analyze data for any period easily, even cross year!"
"Flexible payroll policies and instructions setup with date controlled. Unlimited payroll runs for your operation needs."


Clock on the go with mobile phone. A walking time clock device that follows anywhere a staff goes, equipped with capabilities to export data for attendance and payroll processing purposes.

Customer can check-in from any location with location tagging and also clocking records at a glance.

Admin portal for instant data access and processing:

  • Enforces data originality and integrity
  • Restricts editing of original clock data but enables amendments with justification
  • Clock data pairing for analysis of total hours clocked
  • User defined raw data export format
  • Supports multiple companies and unlimited admin users
"transact2 ClockIT"
"Instant Info Display"
"Time and Location Tagging"
"Complete History Viewing"


Order Management System for Business

Customer can get news about company and also allowed to place order by using Order2B.


  • Mobile App for Sales Personnel
  • Web access for Customer
  • Web based Admin Control Panel
  • UNLIMITED Sales Account Login
  • UNLIMITED Admin User Account
  • UNLIMITED Item Maintenance
  • UNLIMITED Customer Account
"transact2 Order2B"
"Quick & Easy Ordering"
"Instant Status Update"
"Feature Rich"

About Us

Provide highly affordable comprehensive and practical business solution. We work smart, we play hard.

Transact2 was established with one sole mission, we want to empower all companies, be it a two men house or companies with thousands of staff to be able to make use of the solutions we offer to assist in daily business operation.

Lower total cost of ownership does not mean to compromise system features and functionalities. We believe good tools increase work efficiency, which leads to lower level of frustration and disappointment at work.

Our philosophy:

  • All you get is all we have
  • Access to all features at no extra cost
  • Able to easily collect info, able to easily process
  • More importantly, able to easily ANALYZE!

Why Choose Us?

We only do what we are good at. We do not believe in we can do all. Customer deserves a good solution.

Specialized in specific areas. We continuously improve our solution of offerings.

Our approach is simple. We gather feedbacks, requirements and practises! We study, we digest, brainstorm and improve! We strive to provide better user experience, yet always work hard to ensure system performance is not compromized.

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